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Our website addresses are: http: // hotel.

Some specialties are given to us so that we are chosen
If you post comments on the site, you collect data that appear in the form of comments, as well as the IP addresses of the browser agent, which will help you detect spam.

Anonymous row, for your e-mail address (also called a hash), you can get a Gravatar service, just scoop up if you are victorious. The Gravatar privacy policy is available here: After grabbing your comment, your profile image will be visible to the community in the context of your comment.

Media files
As soon as you add the images to the site, you should be able to unicate the images from the information about the image (EXIF GPS). Introduce the site to the site, you can add information about the process of finding from the image on the site.

Contact form
If you post a comment on our website, you can save your name, email address and website in cookies. It’s for your sake, so you don’t need to re-store your data, if you miss the next comment. Cookies are saved for 1 pik.

As long as you have an online record on the site and you will enter a new one, a time-based cookie will be set to enable cookies to be received by your browser, the cookie will not be shown any special information and will be displayed when your browser is closed.

If you enter the system, the cookie decal will also be installed, so that information about your login and screen settings will be saved. Login cookies take 2 days, and cookies for a new screen take 1 day. As soon as you vibrate "Zapam'yatati mene", your login will be taken in a stretch of 2 tyzhniv. As soon as you see it from your account, the cookie files will be visible to your login.

As soon as you edit or publish the article, your web viewer will save a cookie. This cookie doesn’t take revenge on special tributes; it’s just adding a statistic identifier, which is usually edited. Yogo term diii will end in 1 day.

Buying from other websites
The statistics on the whole site can be avenge of the ideas in place (for example: video, images, statistics too). Vbuudovaniya vmіst from the other sites behave as it is, like bi coristuvach entered the site.

The site can collect information about you, vicorists, cookies, add additional information about the third sides and steps for your interaction with the whole process. Zokrema vіdstezhuvati vzaєmodіyu vbudovanim vmіstom, as long as you have an oblivious record and went to the whole site.

Z kim mi dimosya your danimi
Yak dovgo mi zberigaemo your dania
As soon as you post a comment, win that yo metadan is taken by stretching an unassigned term. With such a rank, we can automatically initiate that hardening of the skin's offensive comments instead of the fact that the trimati is in the middle of the moderation.

For koristuvachіv, who restroyuyutsya on our site (yakshо takі,), I will give them personal information from the koristuvach's profile. All koristuvachi can peer at, redaguvati or see their own special tributes at any hour (for the blame of the fact that the stench cannot change your image of koristuvach) The site adminstrator can also view that information redrawn.

Yaki prava vi maute admittedly his tributes
As long as you have an oblivious record on the whole site, if you have forgotten comments, you can send a feed to the otrimanny exported file of special tributes, which are about you, including all tributes that you gave us. You can also wimagati, so that we have erased whether you are a special person, like you. This does not include whether it be-yakі danі, such as the goiters іsberіgati in the administrative, legal and the purposes of safety.

Kudi mi guide your data
Comments on spam detection can be redirected to an additional service for automatically detecting spam.

Your contact info
Dodatkova information
Yak mi conqueror your data
Yaki procedures against the tribute of my vikoristovuєmo
From which third sides we will recognize
Yake is automatically resolved to accept / or profiluvannya mi robimo with koristuvatsky data
Vimogi before the opening of the galuzev normative vimog